Autostrade per l'Italia, raising service standards goes hand in hand with reducing its impact on the environment.
Optimising its relationship with the ecosystem is of strategic value for Autostrade per l'Italia, and translates as organisational responsibilities at various levels, dedicated processes and stakeholder involvement policies and tools.

The Group has three environmental protection policies:

  • 1

    reducing the service inefficiencies

    subjecting the network and its management to a continuous monitoring through preventive environmental compatibility studies on projects, the Environmental Observatories system and an extensive survey programme.

  • 2

    contrasting climate change and safeguarding biodiversity

    by reducing CO2 emissions and ecological footprint containment initiatives

  • 3

    rationalising energy consumption

    by extending LED lighting across the network, using self-generated energy with photovoltaic systems and better management of the heating and lighting systems of the operational sites.
    Receipt of the Best Carbon Reduction Company Italy 2010 award attests to Autostrade per l'Italia commitment to reducing its environmental impact.