Investment Plan

Results and figures

Autostrade per l'Italia is relaunching infrastructure investments with the largest highway action plan currently underway at global level, with over €21 billion of investments planned for Italy, €8.9 of which has already been put to use to expand approximately 900 km of Italian network.

These they are the figures of the plan that envisages:

  • the construction of third and fourth lanes at various points of the network
  • the construction of new junctions
  • the refurbishment and upgrading of lighting, ventilation and fire protection systems for network tunnels

The synergies between Group companies has allowed Autostrade per l'Italia to provide integrated highway sector solutions ranging from the planning and construction to maintenance and implement cutting-edge technological mobility solutions (Telepass, safety tutor, draining asphalt, advanced road condition information technologies and services, technological traffic control systems, etc.).

These integrated and extremely innovative solutions allow the Group to expand on the international markets, to drive growth and meet the needs of the area in its area of operation.

a) Overall construction costs for the work at 31 December 2013, including tender work (net of the tender discount and the conventional discount), amounts available, recognised provisions and acceleration bonuses. In the 1997 Financial Plan, amounts are shown net of the amount recorded under Other investments.
b) The Single Autostrade per l'Italia Convention of 12 October 2007 identifies further investments for the expansion of approximately 325 km of the network, for an estimated total of approximately €5 billion, in addition to specific new works totalling approximately €2 billion.
c) The Autostrade Meridionali concession expired on 31 December 2012. In 2013, at the Grantor's request, the company continued the day-to-day management of the concession and completed the investment plan, pending takeover by the new concessionaire (with all relevant charges expenses by the new concessionaire on takeover). Further information on the works envisaged by the highway network expansion and upgrading investment plans of Autostrade per l'Italia and its subsidiaries can be found at: