Autostrade per l'Italia in Figures

Results and figures

Autostrade per l'Italia is the leading toll highway network in Europe in terms of network extension and is also the largest private investor in the sector! Ranks number one for electronic toll collection and road traffic information

  • 69% Reduction in the mortality rate in the Italy Group network from 1999 to date
  • 61% Reduction in the time spent in queues due to traffic congestions from 2006 to date
  • 5.000 km of toll highways managed in Italy, Brazil, Chile, Poland and India
  • 5 million customers per day
  • 864 km of expansion works on the Italian network
  • 21,9 billion euro of investments envisaged by the Group's network upgrade and development plan for Italy
  • 83% of the network has draining paving (except those stretches in which it is inappropriate to take action: mountain stretches, tunnels, work in progress)
  • 2.965 km of managed network in Italy
  • 46.200 km of network travel in 2013
  • More than 7.000 people, 2.600 cameras and 1.500 sensors guarantee monitoring and assistance on the Italian Group network
  • 2.500 km of carriageways covered by the Safety Tutor system
  • 228 Service Areas on the Italy Group network
  • 1885 winter service vehicles with satellite tracking
  • 68 ‚ÄúPunto Blu" providing commercial assistance to customers
  • 2.202 toll gates of which 525 dedicated Telepass gates
  • 8 million Telepass customers
  • 1.442 variable message traffic information panels
  • 302 km of noise barriers installed along the Group network
  • Approximately 10,5 MWp of total installed power for photovoltaic panels by 2012
  • -40% energy consumption for tunnel illumination thanks to the newly-introduced LED technology
  • More than 11.400 tons of CO2 emissions prevented yearly thanks to the installation of photovoltaic plants and energy efficiency measures
  • 19.518 tons of CO2 emissions prevented from 2006 to date thanks to reduced traffic congestion