Leadership Message

The management of large road infrastructure requires constant commitment on several fronts: the network safety of motorists and in the workplace, high service quality standards, regional focus, protecting the environment and efficient use of resources.

The Group has achieved exceptional road safety, results in recent years, with network accident and mortality rates being slashed as a result of the intense infrastructure upgrading and maintenance activity and effective motorist awareness initiatives. Safety in the workplace saw us engaged in implementing ever-increasing standards and developing projects in collaboration with local administrations, trade associations and workers. In line with European Community guidelines, environmental protection objectives and the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, were pursued in all areas with initiatives aimed at safeguarding the region, with investment in the production of electricity from renewable sources and improved energy efficiency of our plants.

We have dedicated time and resources to continued improvement of the service offered, developing a strategy that is attuned to customers' needs and thanks to works on the network which have made significant improvements to enable the traffic to flow smoothly.

We have been recognised as a leading sustainable company on the international level - this is something we are hugely proud of and which has given us the impetus to make even more progress down this path. These great results have fed into our future goals, which are set out in detail in the Environmental Charter, the document Autostrade per l’Italia uses to share ideas, facts and figures with all its interlocutors and reaffirms its own commitment to social and environmental improvement.

For the 12,000 employees of Gruppo Altantia, the results and sustainable development objectives are in line with the everyday mobility infrastructure design, construction and management objectives. To us, being "sustainable" means doing our job properly, making sure each and every activity is programmed from the start with the social and environmental settings that make it part of a big project for the country. This has always been how we work and how we plan the future - what allows us to grow in our role as a key actor in sustainable development.

Giovanni Castellucci