Sustainability Committee


This is the highest level body appointed to oversee sustainability-related matters and collaborates with dedicated bodies set up to deal with related matters.


  • Chiara Mio (Chairman)
    Venice Ca' Foscari University
  • Giampiero Giacardi
    Central Resources Director
  • Riccardo Mollo
    General Co-Director of Operations and Maintenance
  • Gennarino Tozzi
    General Co-Director of Network Development
  • Francesco Fabrizio Delzio
    Director of External Relations, Institutional Affairs and Marketing
  • Luca Ungaro
    Service Area Director
  • Gabriele Di Cinto
    Management Control and Operational Planning Manager
  • Composition of the Committee as of January 2014


Committee duties include promoting sustainable development principles and values within the Group, as well as proposing CSR-related objectives, programmes and initiatives.

In addition, the Committee monitors the achieving of Environmental Charter objectives, overseeing its annual updating process and analysing and sharing the draft Sustainability Report before Board of Director approval.


The Committee met twice in 2011 and identified the dissemination of the Sustainability strategy throughout the corporate body as the main long-term objective on the way to gradual implementation of the logical aspects and principles of sustainability.

To achieve the stated objectives, the committee opted to work on the topic of sustainability using a systematic approach, based on increasingly closer integration between the planning of new activities and improvement projects and communication and reporting of the path undertaken, so as make known the company's efforts in terms of CSR issues and the effectiveness thereof.