Solidarity and Social Promotion Committee (former Ethics Committee)


The Ethics Committee directs, coordinates and monitors the social projects undertaken by the Group, without making any distinction between projects aimed at the external community and those reserved for employees.


  • Francesco Avallone (Chairman)
    Rome La Sapienza University
  • Monica Cacciapuoti
    Head of Human Resources
  • Carlo Farolfi
    Advertising Manager
  • Paolo Mazzinghi
    Groupware and Intranet Manager
  • Francesco De Lorenzo
    Head of Internal Communication
  • Alessandra Zoffoli
  • Raffaele De Vita
  • Patrizia Carravetta
  • Giovanni Giusti
    UIL Transport


In 2011, the Solidarity Projects and Social Promotion Committee (former Ethics Committee) met three times and launched new projects and initiatives targeting employees (and re-proposing initiatives implemented in previous years), as well as evaluating social solidarity projects. The Committee also updated the eligibility criteria of the submitted projects and approved new assessment criteria to give greater coherence to economic interventions with respect to the corporate mission and better respond to the actions established by the 2011 Environmental Charter, particularly for the financing of social recovery projects and projects for the development of knowledge as a means of promoting personal and social growth.

41 non-profit associations were assessed. Associations not registered as non-profit organisations/NGOs and those financed over the 2006-2009 years were excluded from funding after initial screening. Projects not supported by appropriate and detailed documentation were also excluded.

The Committee used the following performance indicators as reference in the next assessment:

  • beneficiaries of the project/initiative (direct and indirect)
  • temporal continuity (funding in the start-up phase and replicability net of startup costs)
  • Autostrade per l'Italia's % participation in the total project budget
  • geographical location (proximity to the areas in which the Group is operational: Italy, South America, India and Poland)