Sbagliando s'impara

Case studies

Safety at work is not a luxury, but a source of benefits for the worker, the employer and the community as a whole. This is why Autostrade per l'Italia and the Institutions take part in projects such as the Sbagliando s’impara project, with a view to raising awareness of "near misses" among workers.
Safety in the workplace is not a detail, but is often in the detail. In order to motivate its employees to adopt safe conduct, insofar as possible, during road works, and with a view to preventing accidents, Autostrade per l'Italia collaborated on the "Sbagliando s'impara" project with the institutions.

Prevention is a question of method

Launched in 2010, by the Steering Committee SSL, within the scope of Workplace Health and Safety Conference activities, the project saw Autostrade per l'Italia (in collaboration with INAIL) collect, manage, analyse and disseminate information on incidents, accidents and near misses at work.
In 2010, the analytical collection and processing of analytical data led to the creation of a training course for Service Protection and Prevention Managers and Operators of the Direzioni di Tronco and general offices.
In 2011, Autostrade per l'Italia implemented an ad hoc IT system for the analysis of data and the search for effective preventive actions.
The project's ultimate goal is to extend training to Workers' Health and Safety Representatives, Safety Officers and all Workers of all Direzioni di Tronco.