Health and wellness

Case studies

Autostrade per l'Italia invests in the health of its employees and understands how important this is for improving business performance and productivity. Employee wellbeing is key to corporate growth and success.
Since 2007, Autostrade per l'Italia has provided free preventive specialist medical examinations for Group employees, over and above legal requirements, with the support of medical and diagnostic equipment in the workplace.

"In... forma" project

The initiative consists of an individual and collective action plan, with a view to:

  • Promoting a "wellness lifestyle" culture with the aim of improving the colleague health and wellness
  • Encouraging healthy habits, with particular regard to nutrition and an active lifestyle

Project measures were defined in collaboration with a team of industry experts and coordinated by the occupational medical practitioner.

The project envisages the disclosure of a communication plan in company canteens with the aim of informing of and highlighting the correct food combinations and providing the possibility of gaining further information on topics of interest by participating in workshops delivered by qualified professionals.

And also:

Eye tests

"La visita va tenuta d'occhio" awareness campaign, launched in 2008 as part of the preventive health care campaign (1800 participants).

Cardiac screening

"La saluteā€¦ ci sta a cuore" prevention campaign, with cardiac screening for all staff over 50. Envisaged an ECG and carotid doppler ultrasound for each and every employee, followed by a meeting with the medical team to explain the diagnosis.

Flu vaccine

Vaccines for all employees and their families.