Upgrading of the service areas

Case studies

The Group's commitment to upgrading the service areas can be seen in the continuous investment to improve the convenience and accessibility thereof.
Motorist satisfaction is a key Autostrade per l'Italia objective: in 2002, the Group drew up an investment programmeinvestment programme with a value of approximately €1 billion, for the modernisation and upgrading of service areas.

In the pipeline

Completion of the intervention plan drawn up in 2008 for the upgrading of the service areas is now in its final phase. The Autostrade per l'Italia network comprises 216 service areas, distributed every 28 km on average and open 24/7.

High level of service

Rest stops are of the utmost importance when travelling as they allow motorists to boost their energy and combat fatigue.
Autostrade per l'Italia aims to welcome motorists at service areas that have been especially designed and constructed to meet the needs and expectations of increasingly numerous and demanding customers (which vary from customer to customer).
The service area upgrading plan involved constructing new car parks and extending the range of services such as ATMs, shops and Wi-Fi points. Service area upgrading applies to various aspects: from the creation of additional car parks to the provision of services that were previously not available in the service areas (ATMs, shops, Wi-Fi points, etc.).