"WeFree" project in partnership with the
San Patrignano Community

Case studies

"Fughe da Fermii" and "Ragazzi Permale" are two touring shows organised by the San Patrignano Community, and are an integral part of the WeFree macro-project, which is in part thanks to the donation received from Autostrade per l'Italia donation in 2012. The initiative comprises a series of local measures aimed at young people, families and staff, with a total of 10,000 people benefiting from it.

Community children, at the end of their rehabilitation programme, are the absolute protagonists of both shows as they tell the audience of their downfall and addiction and, above all, the determination that put them on the path to recovery.

Interview with Prof. Avallone, Chairman of the Solidarity Projects and Social Promotion Committee, on the occasion of the show held in Rome on 26 June 2013