Baby kit

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Looking after the wellbeing of one's employees means meeting their needs by providing not only be providing traditional remuneration systems but also complementary tools to improve quality of life, promote the right work-life balance and support the family.

All new parents who are part of the Group receive a baby kit to welcome the new arrivals and, at the same time, convey a message that Autostrade per l'Italia holds dear: to help parents instil in their children the importance of adopting certain behaviour and compliance with basic travel safety rules, from a very young age.

The Baby Kit contains lots of information and useful items to make your car journey safer and more pleasant for the whole family (e.g. the "travelling with a baby" handbook, a brochure with details of service areas with baby facilities, travel baby food warmers, sun visors and lots of other gadgets).

More than 1,000 baby kits have been distributed to date.