Travel information

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A motorist who has been informed of the status of the roads and of traffic conditions is a safer and more satisfied motorist. Autostrade per l'Italia is constantly engaged in issuing communications to motorists, to provide them with accurate and timely information.

Customer satisfaction is key to Autostrade per l'Italia operations. In order that travel on the highway network is as safe and comfortable as possible, the Group keeps motorists up-to-date on the network and traffic conditions through a number of information services.

A careful eye for accurate information

Effective dissemination of travel information is the result of a widespread and technologically advanced monitoring service. Hi-tech tools (CCTV, sensors and other detectors) and 16 control centres and network management throughout the area served, allow Autostrade per l'Italia to constantly monitor traffic and provide motorists with timely and accurate information.

More topics and more channels to reach a wider audience

Autostrade per l'Italia transmits different types of trip planning information to its customers

Thorough monitoring of the network allows Autostrade per l'Italia to transmit useful trip planning information to its customers, or information such as

  • open road works and work in progress;
  • weather conditions;
  • traffic;
  • accidents;
  • recommended routes.

To effectively reach the widest possible audience, different and specific methods and techniques are used to disseminate communications on the various media. In collaboration with various partners, Autostrade per l'Italia communicates to its customers through:

  • the website, which provides traffic, weather, webcam, route and travel cost information;
  • the traffic call centre on 840.04.21.21 with its 120 telephone lines and open 24/7 and single charge, irrespective of the length of the call;
  • the radio, with Isoradio 103.3 (continuous information on traffic conditions), RTL 102.5 (l24/7 traffic information live from the Autostrade per l'Italia Multimedia Centre with 5% network coverage);
  • the television, on Channel 5 and La7 (road traffic information every morning and the "Che traffico farà” news reports);
  • atellite navigators, which allow certified traffic information transmitted on the main navigators enabled for the service to be consulted thanks to Infoblu Spa (an Autostrade per l'Italia subsidiary);
  • 1,200 variable message panels located along the network (every 14 km on average and at the entrance of all highway toll booths), which provide traffic information and, during normal traffic conditions, transmit messages on the services and on correct driving behaviour.
  • through the Infoblu Spa traffic application, available for Tablets and Ipads, which allows real-time viewing of the traffic situation, any accidents, tailbacks or most dangerous routes, as well as the areas in which the Safety Tutor, an electronic speed detection system is installed.

Autostrade per l'Italia road traffic information is also submitted to the CCISS (Centro Coordinamento Informazioni sulla Sicurezza Stradale) for dissemination on Rai Radio (Onda Verde), Rainews24, etc.