Free coffee at night

Case studies

Not only does travel safety depend on infrastructure maintenance, but also on motorist compliance with certain prudential norms. Autostrade per l'Italia seeks to promote the adoption of a correct driving style. The free coffee at night initiative aims to prevent drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
One accident on five is due to falling asleep at the wheel; one out of two drivers drives when tired and exhausted: this is why the mortality rate is five times higher at night than during the rest of the day. 40% of fatal accidents take place between 11pm and 6am, and 6, even in low traffic conditions. Stopping at a service area when you feel tired can save lives.

The secret is in prevention

With free coffee at night, Autostrade per l'Italia offers a coffee to all motorists stopping at one the participating service areas along the highway network between midnight and 5am. The best way to prevent falling asleep at the wheel is to get behind the wheel in top form. So as to prevent becoming too tired, it is advisable to take a a ten to twenty minute break every two hours. A cup of coffee can be useful in maintaining quick reflexes at the wheel.

Success figures

Thanks to the availability of participating service areas, more than two million free coffees have been distributed at weekends since 2006.
There are 76 participating service areas to date, which provide the network with increasingly uniform coverage. It is also thanks to these figures and to communication and prevention initiatives that the highway network mortality rate has dropped from 11.4 to 3.2 (-72%) in the ten years of Autostrade per l'Italia management. Nowadays, highway journeys are twice as safe as journeys on ordinary roads.