Sound-absorbing barriers

Case studies

Autostrade per l'Italia takes systematic measures to implement noise containment and abatement works on its network.

The Autostrade per l'Italia noise abatement plan, which covers 14 Italian regions and 706 municipalities and a total of 1500 km2, was implemented, on the basis of the noise mapping of the entire network under concession, with a view to identifying and - and upgrading - the critical areas.

Over 50 kilometres of barriers in 2011

Over the last year, the company continued to implement its noise abatement measures and installed approximately 51 km of new noise barriers. Over 265 km of network has now been upgraded.

Total km of barriers installed on the Group network 190 214 265
Total km of barriers installed on the Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A. network 161 184 213

The noise abatement plan

Autostrade per l'Italia envisages the installation of a further 30 km of noise protection on its network in 2012, as envisaged by the noise abatement plan.
The Plan, delivered by the company in 2007 on the basis of the national plan, identifies areas and methods of intervention for a period of 15 years, at the end of which more than 1,000 km of noise protection will be constructed on an overall surface area of approximately 4,000,000 m2.