Autostrade per la conoscenza

Case studies

Autostrade per l'Italia strives towards constantly improving performance in every sector of activity. With Autostrade per la conoscenza, the company collaborates with the research world to ensure that the most talented individuals are given the opportunity to emerge, in the knowledge that Group development depends entirely on the professional growth of its employees.
The continued development of Autostrade per l'Italia employees one of the pillars of its corporate culture. This comes through in the Group's strong desire to ensure that its employees are given the opportunity to develop, enhance and put into practice their personal and professional skills.

Through the Autostrade per la conoscenza project, Autostrade per l'Italia aims, in collaboration with Italy's best Polytechnics and Universities, to disseminate infrastructure management and mobility technology awareness and provide the "best" talents with a concrete possibility to emerge.

Three levels of partnership with the research world Autostrade per la conoscenza envisages the establishment of a collaboration between Autostrade per l'Italia and the research centres, articulated on 3 levels:

  • Research Projects led by internal Institute researchers
  • Postgraduate masters degree
  • University courses

More specifically, the Group proposes itself as partner for the implementation of projects in the following areas of interest:

  • mobility technologies
  • tunnelling
  • road surfaces
  • work maintenance

On the other hand, by funding postgraduate masters degrees, Autostrade per l'Italia aims to train high-level professionals who have followed training courses pertaining to the corporate business.
Autostrade per l'Italia also funds pre-graduate training, awarding scholarships and giving corporate internships to top students.