Heavy goods vehicles parking areas

Case studies

Autostrade per l'Italia commitment to improving the quality of the services provided to HGV drivers can be seen by the more than 6,000, suitably equipped, parking bays on the highway network.
The opportunity for drivers, especially those who spend most of their time on the road, to rest and unwind in dedicated areas, helps increase road safety levels as well as the flow of traffic at certain times of day.
2011 saw continued improvements with the construction of a further 120 spaces.
In the context of increasing motorist comfort and safety, great importance is given to measures targeting lorry and HGV drivers, with more than 11 million vectors, accounting for 21% of total traffic.
Dedicated HGV driver areas with relaxation rooms, showers, TV/DVD and parking and CCTV monitors pursue the same objective. Information can be found on the relevant section of the website.