GRI indicators

Reports and documents

Autostrade per l'Italia follows the "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" for preparing Sustainability Reports published by GRI - Global Reporting Initiative in 2006. A new version of the document (guideline G3.1) was published in 2011 and includes a series of amendments/additions to the indicators pursuant to the previous version (guidelines G3). 

GRI guidelines are a good example on which to base the formulation of one's reports. Autostrade per l'Italia was given an A+ rating, indicating the highest level of compliance, for 2011. 
In preparing the Report reference was also made, where applicable, to the GRI Boundary Protocol and the GRI Indicator Protocol.
2011 saw the trial introduction of three indicators (CRE1 Building energy intensity, CRE2 Building water intensity and CRE3 Greenhouse gas emissions intensity from building) as envisaged by the GRI "Construction & Real Estate" industry supplement, which highway companies make reference to and which application will be compulsory as of the 2012 Report. 

The G3.1 indicators to be included were selected on the basis of an accurate assessment of their information purpose and their relevance to the organisation's activities and to the stakeholder interests.