Code of Ethics

Reports and documents

The Code of Ethics sets out the values and principles that the company must comply with in performing its activities. All ASpl subsidiaries have adopted the Code of Ethics as the company's firm intention is to disseminate a common and uniform code.

The norms of the code shall apply to all Group employees and independent contractors (consultants, representatives, brokers and agents), to partners in business relations and to all those who have long-standing commercial relations with the Group.

The Principles

  • compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force in the countries in which the Group operates
  • observance of the most stringent rules of conduct in its relations with the Public Administration in full compliance with institutional duties
  • honesty, transparency and reliability
  • equality and fairness in the treatment of customers, employees and independent contractors
  • loyalty, fairness and good faith
  • respect for employees and independent contractors and for people in general
  • environmental protection and safety, with reference to environmental protection and safety in the workplace also

The Group's Code of Ethics identifies the core values that underpin the corporate culture, values that are reflected in the principles and in the management policies that guide daily operations.
Knowledge of the code is promoted and verified by a body known as the Ethics Office, which oversees the observance thereof in collaboration with the Atlantia Internal Audit department.