Service Charter

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The Service Charter is an important tool for customer dialogue. It provides a description of the services provided and results achieved in terms of the quality delivered.
All Italian highway companies controlled by Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A. have their own Service Charter, with is in line with the declared quality standards and principles.

As envisaged by the Convention, the Charter is updated and published on the website on an annual basis and as a supplement to Italy's principal daily and weekly newspapers.

We strive towards continuous improvement of the results achieved, especially as regards the quality and safety of our network. We hope that you will find our Service Charter to be a useful updating tool that can be kept in the car and easily and quickly consulted. 
Have a good trip! 

Giovanni Castellucci
Chief Executive Officer of Autostrade per l'Italia Spa

The document is key to managing customer relations, thanks to the detailed description of the services, the relevant standards and the results achieved in terms of the quality delivered.

The Service Charter describes the following:

  • The Autostrade per l'Italia network and subsidiaries
  • Guiding principles of the activities delegated (access to the infrastructure and maintenance thereof)
  • Highway network expansion plan
  • Road safety and Tutor (with stations installed)
  • Traffic management
  • Toll calculation and method of payment
  • Variable message panels and traffic information
  • Services promoting motorist comfort, available in service areas
  • Quality management policies (with indicators)
  • Telepass, sales and assistance points (Punto Blu and Telepass Point)
  • Autostrade per l'Italia and Telepass websites
  • Service Safety and Service Quality Conference
  • Interventi effettuati in tema di politiche ambientali Environmental policy interventions
  • Complaints and refunds
  • Conciliation procedure
Service Charter