Reporting process

Reports and documents

Autostrade per l'Italia performance in the field of CSR is recorded in a rigorous and timely manner, on the basis of the data collected by the various corporate information systems, from general accounting through to the personnel management system and from territorial systems through to procurement procedures. 

Each year, the results of the findings are collated and then used to prepare the Sustainability Report, in line with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines defined in 2006 by GRI - Global Reporting Initiative. Where applicable, the document also complies with the GRI Boundary Protocol and the GRI Indicator Protocol. 

Information and indicators are selected on the basis of the principle of materiality, while evaluating the information purpose, the relevance in term of the organisation's activities and the overriding interests of the reference stakeholders. 

In some cases, the accounting of activities involves recourse to estimates, which are obtained by the most suitable methods: