Local Landscape Protection

Work Areas

Autostrade per l'Italia's mission is to develop a highway network that promotes the country's social and financial growth. In this perspective the local area is a fragile resource to be protected and exploited for its potential while taking local needs into account.

Highway network expansion and development projects adapt to suit the environment, the needs of the local community and the plans of the associations.

Autostrade per l'Italia activities focus on environmental protection standards and criteria, with the environment seen as a heritage to be protected and exploited on the way towards the sustainable development of the company.

For Autostrade per l'Italia creating and managing infrastructures with cutting edge approaches while minimising negative impact means creating value for the local communities and respecting the environment they live in. Each network intervention is subject to an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and is discussed and shared with institutions and the local community, so that everyone is aware of the benefits that will follow and of the focus on the environment. Protecting the local area is of fundamental importance and the driving force behind Group activities as demonstrated by:

  • environmental impact risk assessment procedures (hydrogeological, noise and atmospheric impact) that accompany the planning of the interventions, guiding project definition and monitoring in the construction phase (Environmental Observatories, Environmental surveys and Environmental Impact Assessment)
  • participation in discussion opportunities with local and national institutions, on the subject of monitoring of compliance with the requirements of the Convention entered into with the Grantor, the implementation of community directives relating to the infrastructure sector or changes to applicable national legislation
  • participation in press conference presenting highway network expansion, upgrading widening and maintenance works, alongside institutions from various regions, with a view to clarifying to stakeholders the aim of the interventions and the accomplishment methods thereof (Cantieri Aperti)
  • monitoring of the network to identify critical environmental factors and the activation of negative impact (Autostrade per l'Italia Noise Abatement Plan and the care of green spaces along the network)