Professional development

Work Areas

Autostrade per l'Italia seeks to pursue maximum coherence between corporate strategies and individual employee expectations in the knowledge that overall growth can only be achieved through the individual growth of each business component.

The professional growth and development of employees is promoted within the Group through the implementation of harmonised projects and initiatives in a systematic multi-year context.

Employees take part in training activities – to increase knowledge and develop skills - with the aim of:

  • increasing specialist knowledge and professional skills to achieve performance objective and empower individuals in terms of their professional development;
  • making available systems and tools suitable for identifying and training the most suitable resources and supporting new business challenges.

At operational level in this area, 2011 saw:

  • a marked increase in the number of employees taking part in development programmes, 250 in total (+56% on 2010);
  • the Performance Management system extended to levels that were previously not included, 1,268 in total, of which 27% women.
  • more than 105,000 training hours delivered, with 9.8 hours per employee on average (specialist, behavioural, health and safety, linguistics and information technology training).