Workplace Safety

Work areas

Occupational health and safety is a key objective of Autostrade per l'Italia, which is achieved through a meticulously planned approach.
Continuous dialogue between the Group and workers' institutions and associations places focus on workplace safety and translates into constantly updated tools and procedures.

The Group is aware than these aims cannot be achieved without dialogue and discussion with all those involved in the business: employees, institutions, suppliers and workers' associations. Internalised within the Autostrade per l'Italia corporate culture, workplace safety is a core value that drives the development of work technologies and methodologies.

It is indeed no coincidence that the Group monitors work processes, collecting accident rate and risk factor data. Meetings and discussion tables with worker representatives, associations and suppliers, develop work procedures that comply with the highest and most recently introduced workplace safety standards on the basis of this information.
The periodic updating of rules and procedures, training and communications campaigns are the primary means through which the Group seeks to transmit the "safe work" culture to stakeholders as the result of the successful implementation of responsible, professional and competent behaviour.
Decreased accident and mortality rates at road works along the network is the main mark of the Group's successful approach to workplace safety, which is based on aspects such as:

  • Workers' associations, institutions and suppliers attend formal discussions to make decisions on the most effective operating methods and technologies to ensure maximum safety (Workplace Health and Safety Conference, INAIL Round table, Permanent table for the safety of the Variante di Valico and Trade union round tables)
  • The preparation and implementation of projects for monitoring work processes and risk factors, with special focus on 'near misses' (e.g. Inquiry for the evaluation of work-related stress and ASPI in Safety management system)
  • planning and launch of information campaigns to promote responsible behaviour (e.g. "Sbagliando s'impara")
  • planning and delivery of training courses to promote the culture of workplace safety as broadly as possible at all levels (e.g. Safety Academy)