Research and innovation

Work areas

Travel safety, traffic capacity and flow, comfort, environmental sustainability: Autostrade per l'Italia's goal is to constantly improve how it performs in each of these areas. Thanks to its innovative approach the Group is able to provide answers to future uncertainties in a way that suits everyone.

The continued improvement of a great many performance indicators shows that Autostrade per l’Italia is able to manage the network well whilst looking to the future, translating this into concrete actions.

Thanks to our know-how developed, the Group has introduced over the years and continues to introduce on the network tools, operational models, technology and materials essential to improve the travel experience of customers, while reducing the impact on the territory.

The draining asphalt, the Tutor, the Telepass, the photovoltaic installations, the gradual updating of the operational processes and the management systems used are just a some of the innovations that have contributed to making the highway network under Group concession gradually safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. The drive for innovation and improved performance concerns every field of Group activity and involves all those coming into contact with the network, for whatever reason, as demonstrated by:

  • the expansion and upgrading of the highway network for a smoother, more comfortable and safer journey (draining asphalt, Tutor, Telepass, and LED tunnel lighting)
  • adopting a way of working, materials and tools able to reduce the environmental footprint of the Group's activities (efficient management of the company fleet, the Green Building project and the Photovoltaic Plan)
  • commitment to respecting sustainability principals on the part of suppliers and the guarantee that all workers on the network share the Group's standpoint (Code of Ethics, financing training programmes on safety in the workplace for the companies that carry out works, Reward system for good behaviour)
  • constantly monitoring the network to detect and locate any critical issues and draw up well-considered plans to resolve them
  • continued collaboration with universities and research groups - in the form of launching research projects and sponsoring teaching courses - to develop corporate know-how and to train and welcome new graduates into the company (Specialisation courses in the fields of Mobility Technologies, Work Maintenance, Tunnelling and Road Surfaces).