Solidarity and social promotion

Work Areas

Activities carried out in accordance with sustainability criteria not only drive the development and growth of those directly involved in the activity but also that of those only indirectly involved.
Autostrade per l'Italia promotes internal initiatives to improve the wellbeing and work-life balance of its employees and their families.
Externally, the Group makes its human, technical, financial, knowledge and skill resources available to humanitarian and social development initiatives.

The results achieved by the programmes, and the definition of new fields of intervention are discussed and verified at periodic Committee meetings attended by company and trade union representatives.

So as to ensure that employees and their families have a better quality of life and are able to more simply manage their daily duties, the Group provides medical, legal and fiscal assistance services, promotes cultural and recreational activities and provides financial benefits to improve family budgets.

Autostrade per l'Italia supports, sponsors and promotes initiatives that promote the wellbeing of specific communities in Italy and throughout the world, in a sensitive yet concrete manner.
The Group's overall commitment to solidarity and social promotion can be seen:

  • in the support projects aimed at the families of employees in the healthcare (eye tests, stop smoking seminars, cardiac screening) and legal, fiscal and welfare fields (free employee consultations provided by a network of professionals)
  • in the cultural and recreational activities (internal sports activities, free or discounted performances for employees in collaboration with Accademia S. Cecilia)
  • in the educational projects made available to the children of employees (summer trips, study holidays and outdoor training); in the employee discounts provided (Sun project, beneficial rates for the installation of photovoltaic systems)
  • in the financing of social recovery and knowledge development projects throughout the world (projects in Italy, Africa, India and Peru)