Diversity and equal opportunities

Work Areas

Responsible behaviour starts with team composition.
In selecting its personnel, Autostrade per l'Italia respects legislatively and contractually sanctioned rights, without discrimination of any kind

Throughout the Group, employees are recruited and treated in accordance with criteria of transparency and equity, with no discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, nationality or religious belief.

The respect for diversity highlighted by recruitment policies is the cultural predisposition of Autostrade per l'Italia, which is also reflected in its business, particularly in the range of service provided.
A number of projects to assist customers with special needs have been launched in recent years.

In practice, the Group's sensitivity to minorities is evident in:

  • conformity between the recruitment criteria used and the criteria dictated by equal opportunities legislation (at 31.12.2012, women accounted for 25% of the workforce. +4% on 2011)
  • equality of contract for men and women in the same positions in the upgrading of structures along the network to give them the ability to also respond to the specific needs of minority customers (service areas with dedicated children's, mother's and disabled areas)