Work areas

The sustainable use or energy resources is a key principle of the Autostrade per l'Italia environmental policy. Consumption optimisation and a shift towards renewable sources through innovative technology and work process Sustainable and socially responsible business models are the way forward, with energy saving already a Group reality.

A production system that makes sustainable use of energy resources brings benefits not only to the company, but also to the environment and the entire local community. Responsible use of energy sources is in many cases a requirement imposed by local and national institutions for the granting of business permits.

While not subject to obligations in this field (Autostrade per l'Italia's business segment is not subject to Emission Trading regulations), the Group sees sustainable energy use as key. In line with the priority commitment to the Institutions to ensure the comfort and safety of those travelling and working on the network, Autostrade per l'Italia supports innovation with major investment in in the renewable energies field.

The pursuit of sustainable energy objective in buildings and on the highway network demands constant monitoring and continuous systems and process improvements.

For sustainable use of energy resources the Group:

  • researches (and develops) renewable energy projects with possible network application, in compliance with regulatory safety requirements (photovoltaic plan, replacement of the air conditioning system and the installation of LED lights).
  • promotes innovation of the materials and processes used with a view to reducing its ecological footprint, while also supporting research in this field.
  • monitors the course of business through implementation of an integrated energy management system with a view to continuously improving its energy performance and implementing rational energy use practices in buildings and throughout the network.