Supply chain control

Work Areas

Respect for local community needs and compliance with institutional and environmental regulations are part of the Group's mission. Equal focus, with transparency and compliance with regulations, is required of the companies called to collaborate on the upgrading and management of the highway network.

Autostrade per l'Italia business take place in compliance with the Group Code of Ethics, which was drawn up in line with legislation on corporate and Community environmental sustainability, occupational health and safety and on the promotion of Community and social development.

Supplier relationships are based on criteria of lawfulness, fairness, transparency and good faith, as set out in the Code of Ethics, a document that plays a key role in the execution of contracts and that all suppliers must be aware of and comply with.

The extension of sustainability standards to the Supply Chain ensures that Group efforts in this regard are not in vain and that customers, local communities, workers and institutions are able to find high levels of service with a focus on individual needs in all highway network activities.

Transparency in the awarding of contracts is just one step of the process through which Autostrade per l'Italia ensures the quality of its Supply Chain, as attested by:

  • the promotion of Autostrade per l'Italia sustainability values to suppliers through incentives and information while at the same time, ensuring their sustainability performance (reward system for good employee behaviour in terms of road work safety, the provision of support to companies in the implementation of occupational health and safety training campaigns for cultural growth and the launch of the safety academy project)
  • the definition of advanced multi-stakeholder involvement systems (Permanent table for the safety of Variante di Valico road works with the contractors of the main road works, town mayors, local health authorities, trade union organisations, etc., supplier and contractor coordination and cooperation for the drafting and updating of risk assessment documents for interference risk and other risks)
  • opening of direct communication channels for reporting behaviour that is not compliant with the Code of Ethics, and for requesting information on anything not covered by the code (Ethics officer, e-mail