Road Safety

Work areas

Reaching ever higher road safety standards is Autostrade per l'Italia's number one goal; it can be met with the contribution of each member of the Group. Our success in reducing the levels of accidents and fatalities is one of our most important performance indicators.

The safety of travellers is a corporate mission which requires a great deal of careful attention and a measure we use to assess the quality of the service offered.

The Concession Convention entered into with Anas sets out a commitment to increase levels of security as an indispensable point in relation to granting network management; this commitment to road safety can be seen in the activities of each branch of the Group, and in all its plans for development.

Autostrade per l'Italia's success in reducing the level of accidents and fatalities since it starting managing the network is not by chance; it is the fruit of a global approach to safety. Combating risk factors is something that concerns all stakeholders and cultural and awareness raising initiatives are just as important as technological and infrastructure innovations.

These activities include:

  • research – including in collaboration with universities and centres for studies – which has led to the use of technologies such as draining asphalt and tutor, essential for improving travel comfort and encouraging more widespread respect of the highway code
  • constantly monitoring and assessing the level of service across the network - often involving local authorities and customers, like the Service Safety and Service Quality Conference, a key element to bring to life projects such as plans for traffic management at peak times
  • interventions which aim to improve journey quality (additional third and fourth lanes, improving service areas and play areas for children)
  • planning and implementing campaigns and projects which aim to encourage good driving practises and prevent risks linked to the physical and psychological well-being of travellers (the 12 months of safety, Prevention corner and free coffees at night)
  • Group directors participating in television and radio broadcasts, conferences, demonstrations and one-off events with the aim of creating a culture of road safety throughout the country