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As a result of its effective strategy, in 2012, the Group was selected, for the fourth consecutive year, to be part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI Europe), indices that track the performance of the world's leading companies in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria.
SAM (Sustainable Asset Management), the main sustainability rating agency in the market, which has been managing the DJSI index for more than 10 years, rated the Atlantia holding company, as one of the world's best performing companies in the field of transport and infrastructure and as highway infrastructure management leader.

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Atlantia is included in the Vigeo Europe 120, the new index launched by Vigeo, in collaboration with NYSE Euronext (leading financial market operator). The index includes the top 120 companies in Europe in terms of ESG performance.
Companies that achieve the best results in the 330 indicators used by the Vigeo model, spread over 38 sustainability drivers, are included in the index. The composition of the new Vigeo indices (Vigeo - World 120, Vigeo - Europe 120, Vigeo - France 20, Vigeo - United Kingdom 20) will be updated every six months.

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Atlantia enters the ethical ECPI, Ethical EMU Equity and ECPI Ethical Euro Equity indices. ECPI is active in the fields of research, the assignment of ratings and the construction of sustainability indices. Autostrade per l'Italia's inclusion in these indices, shows that the initiatives implemented by the company are increasingly in line with stakeholder expectations.




Atlantia was included in the ASPI Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices in 2011. The index uses the VIGEO Rating Agency rating system.




Autostrade per l'Italia was awarded Top Employers 2012 certification, with an exemplary rating. The prestigious international award rewards excellence in terms of human resource management and the strategies for attracting, motivating and retaining talented employees.
Having achieved exceptionally high ratings on all aspects assessed, Autostrade per l'Italia will hold Top Employers status, a true mark of quality, for one year. The certification was awarded at the Award Gala Dinner held on 19 March 2011, with the following points of excellence being attributed to Autostrade per l'Italia: excellent salary policies; bonuses, incentives, supplementary pension/benefit funds and profit-sharing; attention to CSR issues; internal networking and team-building initiatives. Autostrade per ltalia also earned a special award in the salary policies sector, as a result of the excellence clearly shown in the communication of salary policies, basic salary, additional guaranteed payments, the percentage of performance-linked pay, bonuses, profit sharing, stock options and pension funds.


Progetto Carbon Footprint


Autostrade per l'Italia and the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea entered into a voluntary agreement for 'carbon footprinting' projects on 20 December 2011. Project activities aim to measure the carbon footprint, i.e. the greenhouse gases emitted during production processes, carry out the analysis and accounting thereof and ultimately define a carbon management system aimed at identifying and implementing those economically efficient interventions that use low carbon content technologies. The agreement also envisages ministerial validation of the carbon footprint. These are the first carbon footprinting agreements entered into in Italy.
In 2010, Autostrade per l'Italia was awarded the Best Carbon Reduction Company Italy award, a prestigious recognition for companies that have reached levels of excellence in the reduction of carbon dioxide and in the development of technologies and services with great positive impact on the environment.

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