Safety and technology / Free-flow tolling

Autostrade per l’Italia has always been engaged in developing technology and improving safety standards

Free-flow tolling

Free-flow systems allow tolls to be paid without any need to channel traffic and, above all, without any need to stop the vehicle. There are essentially three technologies used: radio, video (usually used in conjunction with multi-lane systems) and satellite technology.

Multi-lane technology is and a tolling system consisting of a portal that covers the entire lane, on which cameras, DSRC antennas and classification systems are installed. Vehicles with apparatus of edge pay the toll as in traditional booths thanks to the presence in the vehicle of the apparatus that signals the passage.

For other vehicles and provided a photograph of the plaque, recognition of the medium, the identification of the owner, and then the next charge. This second mode is usually is usually referred to as video-tolling or Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

The satellite system requires that each vehicle be equipped with satellite receiver capable of locating the vehicle and transmitting its location to a central system.
The toll due is calculated by reconstructing the route and applying the relevant fees and is then charged to the customer.


For more information: www.autostradetech.it/en