Investment plan and ongoing measures / A14 Rimini Nord - Porto S. Elpidio

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A7 A10- A12 - A26 Passante di Genova


Work dimensions

Planned investment: € 3.258 million
Length of the intervention: 34,8 Km
Tunnels 53 Km

Work description

The point of intersection of three highways (A7, A10, A12, A26) in the metropolitan area of Genoa causes high levels of congestion due to city commuter traffic, freight traffic to and from the port of Genoa and tourist traffic, which affects many stretches of the Ligurian Riviera, especially in the summer.

The work was included in the first strategic infrastructure programme (Law no. 443 of 2001 - the so-called "Legge Obiettivo") and was later transposed into the IV Contract Addendum of 2004.

The project comprises a number of interventions:

  • a new highway stretch (known as "Gronda di Ponente"),  consisting of 2 lanes plus one hard shoulder per travel direction, in addition to the existing A10 stretch between the A10 at Vesima and the A7 at Genova Bolzaneto.  89% of this new infrastructure will be tunnelled and envisages the construction of a modern, two-lane viaduct plus hard shoulder in each direction, to cross the Val Polcevera at the Genova - Bolzaneto toll booth
  • a new A7 northbound carriageway in the stretch between Genova Ovest and Bolzaneto and expansion of the A12 as far as the Genova Est barrier
  • expansion of the "Nodo di San Benigno"  linking local roads and the Genova Ovest toll booth

In 2004, Autostrade per l'Italia developed a preliminary design based on the design guidelines approved by ANAS and the Local Authorities.

Approval formalities, however, came to a halt due to the local area's failure to approve some of the design solutions.

A highway configuration for the Gronda di Ponente, the largest intervention on the Nodo di Genoa, was therefore agreed with the local authorities in 2005. The new configuration was then transposed by the Memorandum of Understanding entered into on 27 February 2006 by and between ANAS, the Liguria Region and the Municipality and Province of Genoa, and by agreement entered into on 5 February 2007 by Autostrade per l'Italia and the Ministry of Infrastructure also.

An environmental impact study was commenced to complete the preliminary draft prepared by the Institutional Subjects, following a decision issued at the final meeting of the ministerial technical table on 10 September 2008, which identified the calm-water channel at Cristoforo Colombo airport as the ideal spot for relocation of tunnel excavation material.

The Environmental Impact Study was however halted almost immediately.
The Municipality of Genoa has, in the meantime, expressed a desire to compare 5 alternative routes to identify the one providing, among other things, the most suitable means across the Polcevera valley.  Autostrade per l'Italia developed prepared the studies for each of the alternative routes. On 24 October 2008, the Municipality informed Autostrade per l'Italia of its intention to set up a committee to direct the public debate to be used as a means of informing the resident communities of the alternatives routes being compared.  
Autostrade per l'Italia delivered the studies relating to the various alternative routes to the Independent Commission on 11 December 2008, thus allowing the Public Debate to commence, which then ended on 29 April 2009. 

Of the 5 proposed routes, the proposed crossing of Valpolcevera at the Genova - Bolzaneto toll booth attracted the most votes due to the lower number of implementation issues and, above all, to the reduced socio-economic impact. 

On 8 February 2010, all the relevant authorities entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, which set out the guidelines and criteria for the works to be carried out,
Autostrade per l'Italia completed the Final Design of the works in the first few months of 2011: the project was forwarded to ANAS on 14 April 2011 for technical validation.
The Supervisory Inspectorate of ANAS expressed a favourable opinion on 26 July 2011. In the meantime, Autostrade per l'Italia submitted a request to the Ministry of the Environment on 15 June 2011, for the launch of the Environmental Impact Assessment and contextual publication of the project. Autostrade per l'Italia is currently working on the integrations requested by Commissione VIA at the end of January 2012; the Services Conferences is expected to be launched in 2012

Local works

Autostrade per l'Italia has also undertaken to draw up the working plan and final design for the following interventions:

  • new road access to the Voltri port district immediately south of the Voltri highway barrier (Final design complete)
  • new road link between the Lavagna barrier and Chiavari town centre (Final design complete)
Gronda di Ponente Environmental Impact Assessment underway
Nodo di San Benigno
The Final Design is in the process of being sent to ANAS for the relevant approval
1 A first project estimate submitted for Environmental Impact Assessment, which will be defined in the course of the working plan and final design. The Single Convention estimate provided on 12.10.2007 is of €1,800/m
2 It is not yet possible to predict a date of opening to traffic as the project is still in its preliminary phase. MIT-SVCA approved the Working plan for Lot 1 of the Nodo di S. Benigno expansion works on 19.11.2012, while the Working plan for Lot 2 was sent to MIT-SVCA on 08.11.2012.