Investment plan and ongoing measures / A9 Lainate - Como Grandate

A9 Lainate - Como Grandate

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A9 Lainate - Como Grandate
Construction of lane 3 (23 Km)


Work dimensions

Work total: € 563* million
Length of intervention: 23,2 Km
Noise barriers: 13 Km

Work description

The project to improve Lainate - Como Grandate relates to the 11 km to 34 km stretch of the A9 highway and envisages its expansion from two to three lanes plus hard shoulder.

The intervention upgraded the infrastructure, which represents one of the main highway links between Lombardy and northern Europe, making it suitable for the current traffic volumes, while at the same time improving safety standards. 

The Lainate link road between the A8 highway and A9 highways was opened to traffic on 26 July 2011, while 3 km along of northbound carriageway between the Fino Mornasco junction and the Grandate barrier were opened on 17.11.2011.

3 km of highway were opened in each direction, on 16.12.2011, between new Origgio-Uboldo junction, which was inaugurated on the same date. The Lainate link road was opened at the same time. The entire northbound carriageway was opened to traffic on 25.05.2012.

The entire southbound lane was opened to traffic on 25.07.2012.

Local works

To date, the interventions envisage:

  • construction of the new Origgio-Uboldo junction
  • installation of 13 km of noise barriers
  • construction of a fifth lane between the Lainate link road and the Barriera di Milano Nord


* Includes €128.96 million for expansion of lane 5 of the Barriera Milano Nord - Lainate link road stretch (4.4 km) of the A8, as prescribed by the Conference of Services.

1 The Lainate road linking the A8 and A9 highways was opened to traffic on 26 July 2011