Investment plan and ongoing measures / A1 Sasso Marconi - Barberino

A1 Sasso Marconi - Barberino

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A1Sasso Marconi - Barberino
Construction of the Variante di Valico (63 Km)


Work dimensions

Work total: € 3.819,7* million
Length of intervention: 62,5 Km
People involved: 5.000 approximately
New tunnels: 41
New service areas 2
New junctions: 2
New viaducts: 41

* Total investment of €3,823.6 million, of which €5.2 million for the other interventions pursuant to the 2008 Convention.

Work description

Expansion of the 62.5 km of the Apennine stretch of the A1 between Sasso Marconi and Barberino, with the construction of the Variante di Valico, is a priority intervention to improve traffic conditions and reduce e travel times between Bologna and Florence (by an estimated total of approximately 4 million travel hours per year).  The stretch sees peaks of approximately 89,000 vehicles per day with approximately 25,000 lorries and buses: figures that make the infrastructure inadequate for existing traffic levels.

The planning solution identified is extremely challenging on a technical level, with the work taking place in one of Europe's most geologically and morphologically complex regions in terms of the gas and unstable geological formations in the underground excavations.

Work was carried out in two macro-stretches, as described below:


The intervention consisted of expanding the existing highway to 3 lanes for approximately 20 km, with a number of changes to the by-pass layout, and refurbishing the Sasso Marconi junction.

Works were commenced in 2002, on conclusion of the Services Conference of 2000, with completion of compulsory purchase procedures.

The northbound Gardelletta Tunnel (840 m) was the final part of the stretch to be opened to traffic on 9 June 2007


This layout of this stretch, the first project of which dates back to 1985, was definitively approved by the Council of Ministers in August 2001.

The Services Conference which imposed more than 1,000 prescriptions, resulting in the need for additional approvals, came to an end in November 2001.

Having obtained the relevant approvals over the course of four subsequent Services Conferences, and awarded the contracts, the first road works were opened in March 2004.

Interventions affected approximately 43 km, are as follows:

  • construction (37 km) of a new highway (By-pass) between La Quercia and Aglio, in addition to the existing highway. Motorists are thus able to decide whether to take the new highway or the existing one
  • construction of a new 3-lane highway stretch for southbound traffic along the stretch between Aglio and Barberino. The existing 4-lane highway, will be reserved to northbound traffic
  • construction of 2 new junctions (Badia and Poggiolino) and refurbishment of the Barberino junction, on which work was completed in May 2007, and of the Rioveggio junction.

Excavation of the Base Tunnel (two-lanes, with each lane approximately 8,950 m long) was completed in 2010. There is work in progress in the rest of the stretch, work that exploits the best technologies and cutting-edge operating machines of unprecedented dimensions: the world's largest boring machine, with a diameter measuring more than 15 metres, with average excavation speed of 10 metres per day up to a maximum of 16 metres per day, is in place in the Sparvo Tunnel.

Local works

The work is being carried out in 8 municipalities in the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions (Sasso Marconi, Marzabotto, Monzuno, Grizzana Morandi, Castiglione dei Pepoli, San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Barberino di Mugello and Firenzuola). It is being financed by Autostrade per l'Italia, which is undertaking a series of interventions, including:

  • a slip road connecting with the municipality of Firenzuola
  • construction of schools and sports facilities
  • restoration of monuments and historical centres
  • expansion of ordinary roads
  • relocation of high voltage power lines to allow elimination of electromagnetic pollution in the municipality of Grizzana Morandi.
  • environmental impact mitigation. Environmental observatories have also been set up in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, under ANAS supervision.

For more information:

Sasso Marconi - La Quesrcia (19,4 Km) WORK COMPLETED (*) OCTOBER 2006
La Quesrcia - Barberino (43,1 Km) WORK IN PROGRESS OR COMPLETED 2015
Svincolo di Barberino (19,4 Km) WORK COMPLETED MAY 2007

(*) The northbound Gardelletta Tunnel (840 m) was the final part of the stretch to be opened to traffic on 09 June 2007.