Investment plan and ongoing measures / A1 Barberino - Incisa

A1 Barberino - Incisa

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A1Barberino - Incisa
Construction of lane 3 (59Km)


Work dimensions

Work total: € 2.170,8 million
Length of intervention: 58,5 Km
People involved: 2.000 approximately
Noise barriers: 40 Km
New tunnels: 2

Work description

The project envisages expansion of the stretch between Barberino di Mugello and Incisa from two to three lanes. This stretch, which is connected with the area in which the Variante di Valico works are being carried out, sees peak traffic of approximately 111,000 vehicles per day, with approximately 32,000 lorries and buses.

The Firenze Nord - Firenze Sud stretch is used by both long-distance traffic and local traffic that uses the A1 as an urban bypass.

Motorists will be guaranteed access to the same 2 lanes as before commencement of the works for the entire duration thereof.

The works are in three macro-stretches, as set out below.


A new 3-lane, southbound carriageway is scheduled for construction on this 17.5 km stretch. Northbound traffic will use the 4 lanes on two carriageways of the suitably adapted existing highway.

The Services Conference, known as Variante Santa Lucia (lot 2), which envisages the construction of a single 7.7 km tunnel instead of the nine tunnels and 6 viaducts envisaged by the original plan, was approved in September 2011.


This 22-km stretch is set for expansion from 2 to 3 traffic lanes with some 3-lane tunnel by-pass stretches and the use of 4 of the two existing carriageways in a single direction.

The Services Conference was concluded in October 1999 and an Observatory (Technical Warranty Committee) was set up in 2000 to ensure transposition of the prescriptions imposed by local authorities in relation to working plans.

Between March 2002 and July 2004, ANAS approved those projects that had successfully passed Observatory verification checks. Work was allocated and commenced between October 2003 - October 2005.

It is a complex intervention in an area known for its landscapes and high population density. A high number of interventions such as the relocation of waterworks, gas pipelines, and fibre optic cables are also required.

The Firenze Nord - Firenze Scandicci stretch was fully opened to traffic in April 2007


This 17.8 km stretch is due to be expanded from 2 to 3 lanes


Local works

The Tuscany Region, the Province of Florence and the Municipalities of Calenzano, Sesto Fiorentino, Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Scandicci, Impruneta, Bagno a Ripoli and Lastra a Signa have entered into an agreement with Autostrade per l'Italia for a series of interventions between Firenze Nord and Firenze Sud, including:

  • new stretches of ordinary roads, including the Galluzzo by-pass
  • new road links with the city of Florence
  • high level environmental improvements in large local areas, including the Certosa and Casellina areas
  • 6 park and rides, including Scandicci and Certosa
  • public areas and green spaces
  • 2.5 km of cycle paths

Other local interventions are in the process of being defined with the local authorities.

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Pollution studies

A study was carried out by Euromobility on the stretch between Barberino and Firenze Nord, which predicts a marked reduction in air pollution on completion of the expansion works.
The expected results are as follows.

  • CO (carbon monoxide) emissions: -18,0%
  • NOx (Nitrogen oxide) emissions: -22,0%
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions: -28,0%
  • PM10 (fine dust) emissions: -24,0%
Barberino - Firenze Nord (lot 0 - 3,4 Km) WORK IN PROGRESS 2017
Barberino - Firenze Nord (lot 1 - 6,2 km) Working plan approved by MIT 2017
Barberino - Firenze Nord (lot 2 - 7,9 km) Pending MIT Working plan approval
Firenze nord - Firenze Scandicci (8,4 km) WORK COMPLETED APRIL 2017(1)
Firenze Scandicci - Firenze Impruneta (8,3 km) WORK IN PROGRESS OR COMPLETED(2) 2013
Firenze Impruneta - Firenze Sud (5,2 Km) WORK IN PROGRESS OR COMPLETED(2) 2013
Firenze Sud - Incisa (lotto 1 - 11,6 Km) Pending MIT Working plan approval 2016
Firenze Sud - Incisa (lotto 2 - 7,5 Km) Environmental impact assessment underway (3)
1 The Scandicci junction was opened to traffic on 10 March 2006.
The entire southbound carriageway was opened to traffic on 29 July 2010. The northbound carriageway was opened to traffic in the second half of August, 2010, while laying of the draining asphalt was completed in October 2010.
The A1-A11 link road stretch was opened to traffic in 2010.
2 The new three-lane southbound carriageway between Scandicci and Firenze Sud was opened to traffic on 03/08/2011.
3 It has not been possible to predict the date it will be opened to traffic as the project is currently in the process of being shared with the community.