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Our professional areas

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Our professional areas

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We are committed to creating projects that develop a highway network to help Italy's social and economic growth and be key player in developing great trans-European essential connections. We oversee activities linked to planning, implementing and maintaining infrastructures and to developing "energy projects" that consider ethics and sustainability.



We lead the way in Europe among concessionaires constructing and managing toll-paying highways and connected mobility services. We work daily to raise safety standards and improve traffic flow. We constantly provide information, efficient maintenance and thorough checks on the quality of our service, not to mention the safety of our staff.



We work constantly on extensive cutting-edge technology systems to manage information in real time. We design, create, manage and improve our technological systems by planning and installing systems, developing and innovating software, applications, systems and technologies, as well as defining architecture, standards and methods to develop data transfer systems.



We oversee activities entailing complex processes and involve various specialist staff units. Staff also ensure management control, legal, administrative and financial checks, focusing on communication process and image management, internal auditing, risk management, human resources organisation and development, trade union relations and institutional relations.



We are continually committed to improving the service offered and to promoting information to customers through ongoing activities relating to customer care, marketing and the development of the services we offer.

The key focus of our activities includes the highway network we manage, the quality of services and the information we provide to our customers through all principal channels: our website, tv and radio, social networks and the Myway app. The central role of our clients remains our top priority.



The finance area is responsible for managing financial flows, relations with the banking and financial system, ensuring financial coverage for short and medium/long term needs, managing the centralised Treasury and covering risks relating to liquidity, currency exchange and applied rates. Investor Relations and Corporate Finance are closely linked to the Finance area.