Working for the Atlantia Group / The selection process

The selection process

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Our selection process aims to identify talented people with the technical-specialist aptitude, ability and skills needed to hold positions in the Autostrade Group.
We focus on looking for people who are motivated to join a dynamic and international context where they can achieve their professional ambitions by applying their skills and knowledge to contribute to company goals.

There are several selection processes:

The young graduate selection process at Autostrade per l'Italia is based on looking for the most talented candidates, based on a strict criteria: excellent CV, undergraduate and Master's degrees awarded with top marks and within set university times.
The selection process includes an Assessment to evaluate and measure the person's multi-disciplinary skills and aptitudes; this is performed via a number of tests, individual and group, English language tests, an individual-motivational interview with HR representatives and a further interview with the manager of the relevant structure, of a technical nature.
During the first 24 months at the company, new employees take part in a programme to increase their professional knowledge and skills with an on-the-job training stage and induction paths.
This ongoing human capital improvement process is monitored periodically through a Tutoring and Intermediate Evaluation system, which involves structured moments for comparing notes and checking progress in terms of autonomy and skills acquired and knowledge gained.

The selection process for experienced professional figures is based on individual interviews to assess personal, motivational and technical-specialist characteristics based on the various positions to be filled.
Criteria used to select interesting candidates involves assessing study curricula, professional experience and skills acquired, in addition to potential capacity.
Being curious about our business, a strategic approach, being results-focussed and having decision-making and problem solving skills are of particular importance to us.
We look for talented candidates with initiative, who can work in teams and who want to take on increasing responsibilities, including in international contexts.