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Why should I apply online?

Our main recruitment channel is through spontaneous applications received from people filling in the online form in this section, which feeds a single database for our Group's main Companies. Even when we receive a hard copy of the CV, we always ask the candidate to enter his/her data online as the selection process cannot start if the CV is not entered in our company IT system. By entering your application online, you make it available to us for 18 months and we can carry out ongoing updated screening of all CVs, specifically analysing candidate requirements in relation to our needs. That is why we ask you to enter your application online and to update it when you acquire new skills, by going to the UPDATE YOUR CV section.


Which browsers can be used with this application?

Supported browsers include: Internet Explorer 8 and higher for Windows and Firefox 4x (Mozilla) for Windows. Using other browsers could alter how our website is presented.


What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

In the ENTER YOUR CV access screen you will find the "forgotten your password" link. Click on the link and enter the personal data requested and the email address used when your CV profile was created. You will receive the password by email.


How can I update/edit my CV?

Click on the ENTER YOUR CV link, then on the "Update your cv" option. You will then need to login to view the CV profile. To make changes, click on the "Edit CV" link on the right hand side of the screen. Enter your changes then click on "Next" at the bottom of the form. Changes will be available to recruiting personnel straight away.


How can I be sure my CV has been sent correctly?

A confirmation screen will be displayed containing all the information entered during the sending process. You can choose to edit your CV profile if the information is incomplete, incorrect or something was left out when creating the profile.


Which browser should I use to fill in the online form?

The online form can be filled in using the main browsers (for example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). It is advisable to use the following versions to display fields correctly: Internet Explorer (version: 8, 9, 10) Firefox (version 4 or higher) Chrome (version 10 or higher) Safari (version 5.0.4 or higher).


Who should I notify if any system errors occur while I am filling in or updating my CV?

Notifications should be sent to


Why are some characters not displaying correctly?

We have found that some users have problems viewing certain characters in Firefox. To resolve these problems you need to change your browser options replacing the Unicode character with another character from Menu – View – Encoding.


What can I do if I have forgotten my login details and have closed the email address given in the form?

If If the email address indicated in the online CV form is no longer valid and you have lost your user code and/or have forgotten the password, which prevents you from updating your CV, to recover/change your email address write to to inform them of the problem. You will receive a reply by email.