Sustainability / Autostrade in numbers

Autostrade per l’Italia is a European leader among concessionaire for the construction and management of toll highways.

Autostrade in numbers

Autostrade is the leading European toll motorway network for its extension and the largest private investor in the sector. It is also the world's leading electronic toll and info-mobility service.

  • 3,020 km of toll motorways managed
  • 49,000 million km travelled alone the Group's Italian network in 2016
  • 1,066 km of upgrades and modernisation work along to the Italian network carried out by Autostrade per l'Italia and its subsidiaries, of which 484 already completed, for an investment of over 25 billion Euros.
  • 1 billion in investments planned for noise barriers
  • Toll rates per km among the lowest in Europe
  • 5 million customers a day
  • -80% the mortality rate over the last 10 years, equal to over 300 lives saved every year
  • 2,500 km of carriageway covered by the Safety Tutor system
  • -53% hours lost to road works over the last ten years, with consequent reduction of polluting emissions and of traffic congestion
  • Over 2,000 vehicles for winter operations monitored by satellite tracking
  • Timely and complete traffic news in real time, broadcast on the main media channels. The operations centre in Rome and the radio centres of the nine Section Departments monitor the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • "MY WAY", in collaboration with Sky, is the first TV channel in Europe dedicated to the world of motorways
  • YOU ARE IN A WONDERFUL COUNTRY is the project for the valorisation of cultural and territorial heritage scattered along the motorway network. With 100 service areas, a showcase of the beauty of Italy
  • Over 11 GW per hour per year generated from renewable sources
  • Over 5,700 tons of CO2 avoided in 2016 thanks to the installation of photovoltaic plants and energy efficiency measures