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18 November 2019 07:56


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Traffic congestion
Roma - Queue    A24 Roma-L'Aquila-Teramo  (Km 7.3 - direction: Tangenziale est)
Queue between Junction A24/Grande Raccordo Anulare and Junction A24/Tangenziale Est Rm due to Traffic congestion
(18 November 2019 hour 07:48)
intense traffic
Lodi-Milano - Queue    A1 Milano-Bologna  (Km 4.3 - direction: Milano)
Queue between Lodi and Junction A1/Tangenziale Ovest Mi due to intense traffic
(18 November 2019 hour 07:52)
intense traffic
alternate queue
Pistoia-Firenze - alternate queue    A11 Firenze-Pisa nord  (Km 4.2 - direction: Firenze)
alternate queue between Pistoia and Firenze Ovest due to intense traffic
(18 November 2019 hour 07:48)
intense traffic
Carpi-Modena - Queue    A22 Brennero-Modena  (Km 314.9 - direction: Modena)
Queue between Carpi and Junction A22/A1 Milano-Napoli due to intense traffic
(18 November 2019 hour 07:43)

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