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Como-Chiasso - Queue    A9 Lainate-Svizzera  (Km 41.9 - direction: Svizzera)
Queue between Como Sud and Chiasso Uscita Merci due to Customs operations
(26 May 2017 hour 05:36)
Connecting carriageway close
Monza - Connecting carriageway close    Racc. A4 Monza-Tang.nord Milano  (Km 13.3 - direction: Tangenziale nord di milano)
Connecting carriageway close At Junction Tang. Nord/A4 Torino-Trieste until 06:00 of 26/05/2017 coming from Autostrada Torino-Trieste towards Rho due to roadworks.
(26 May 2017 hour 05:39)
Frosinone-Ceprano - Fog    A1 Roma-Napoli
Fog between Frosinone and Ceprano with visibility 100 meters
(26 May 2017 hour 03:03)
Fog blocks
Valmontone-Frosinone - Fog blocks    A1 Roma-Napoli
Fog blocks between Valmontone and Frosinone with visibility 90 meters
(26 May 2017 hour 00:26)