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Last minute

Strong winds
road lenght closed
Caserta-Salerno - road lenght closed    A30 Caserta-Salerno  (Km 55.3 - both directions)
road lenght closed wagons, vans, caravans only between Junction A30/A1 Milano-Napoli and Junction A30/Salerno-Avellino due to strong winds
(25 September 2018 hour 21:00)
road lenght closed
Genova - road lenght closed    A10 Genova-Savona-Ventimiglia  (Km 2.3 - both directions)
road lenght closed between Junction A10/A7 Milano-Genova and Genova Aeroporto
(11 September 2018 hour 12:55)
Accident repair
road lenght closed
Bologna - road lenght closed    Tangenziale Bologna  (direction: Autostrada bologna-taranto)
road lenght closed between 2 Borgo Panigale and 3 Ramo Verde due to Accident repair
(8 August 2018 hour 10:13)
Traffic congestion
Roma - Queue    A24 Roma-L'Aquila-Teramo  (Km 7.3 - direction: Tangenziale est)
Queue between Via Togliatti and Junction A24/Tangenziale Est Rm due to Traffic congestion
(26 September 2018 hour 06:41)