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22 June 2018 - Updated 09:28
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A26Ge.Voltri-SS 33 Semp.-Gravell.Toce

Other news in the area


Ovada-Predosa - Queue    A26 Ge.Voltri-SS 33 Semp.-Gravell.Toce  (Km 45.3 - direction: Gravellona toce)
Queue between Ovada and Junction A26/Diramaz. A7 Milano-Genova due to an accident
(22 June 2018 hour 08:18)
Problems in service area
Monferrato Ovest - Problems in service area    A26 Ge.Voltri-SS 33 Semp.-Gravell.Toce  (Km 83 - direction: Genova voltri)
Monferrato Ovest rest area has camper service closed , due to a breakdown in the equipment