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18 January 2018 - Updated 06:42
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Poggio Imperiale-Acquaviva delle Fonti - Rain    A14 Pescara-Taranto
Rain between Poggio Imperiale and Acquaviva Delle Fonti
(17 January 2018 hour 16:02)
Strong winds
Termoli Molise-Taranto - Strong winds    A14 Pescara-Taranto
Strong winds between Termoli and Junction A14/Ss7 Appia
(17 January 2018 hour 15:20)


Candela-Canosa - Rain    A16 Napoli-Canosa
Rain between Candela and Junction A16/A14 Bologna-Taranto
(17 January 2018 hour 15:10)
Strong winds
Lacedonia-Canosa - Strong winds    A16 Napoli-Canosa
Strong winds between Lacedonia and Junction A16/A14 Bologna-Taranto
(17 January 2018 hour 10:01)