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19 November 2017 - Updated 18:44
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Roma - Queue    A1 Diramazione Roma sud - GRA  (Km 20 - direction: G.r.a.)
Queue At Junction Diramazione Roma Sud/G.R.A. coming from Autostrada Milano-Napoli towards S.S. 6 Casilina due to intense traffic on the ordinary roads.
(19 November 2017 hour 17:29)
Fuel station closed
Feronia Ovest - Fuel station closed    A1 Diramazione Roma nord - GRA  (Km 4 - direction: G.r.a.)
Feronia Ovest rest area has the filling station closed , due to roadworks
Problems in service area
FLAMINIA EST - Problems in service area    A1 Firenze-Roma  (Km 509.1 - direction: Milano)
Flaminia Est rest area has camper service closed , due to roadworks